Nick DiGiovanni

Nicholas Channing DiGiovanni is an American celebrity chef, internet personality, and entertainer. I worked on the Nick DiGiovanni YouTube channel for about 2 years. I used to manage all aspects of this YouTube channel. I have helped him in all kinds of ways to grow his YouTube channel very fast.

Below Is The Step-By-Step Process That I Did On The Nick DiGiovanni YouTube Channel.

➀ YouTube Video SEO

SEO is a very important process for a youtube channel. I first properly optimized the Nick DiGiovanni youtube channel videos. I used TubeBuddy and Ahrefs tools to optimize Nick DiGiovanni youtube channel videos. Here’s what I did to optimize the video:


➀ Title Optimization

To optimize a video I do title optimization first. Because people click on the video after reading the title. So I tried to make the best and clickable titles for Nick DiGiovanni youtube channel videos. So that the CTR of the video increases very quickly.

➁ Description Optimization

Description optimization is very important for a youtube video. So I did description optimization the right way for the Nick DiGiovanni youtube channel. Which can help a youtube video rank in search engines.

➂ Tag Optimization

Tags i.e. keywords help a youtube video rank in search engines. So keywords are very important. I selected high search volume keywords for Nick DiGiovanni youtube channel videos and worked on ranking the keywords in search engines.

➃ End Screen & Cards Optimization

End screen & cards help to increase the audience of other videos on a youtube channel. So it is important to use end screen at the end of the video. I used end screen on Nick DiGiovanni's youtube channel.

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➁ Video Thumbnail Design

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